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you this morning. thank you so much for joining us. mitt romney had a big day up in the hamptons yesterday, big dinner at the koch brothers. price to get in? $50,000 a plate for $75,000 if you came as a couple. imagine that. >> that's more money than most americans make in a whole year. yeah. mitt romney, no man of the people. we will talk about mitt romney where his money and where he has parked it and a lot more on today's big full-court press. first, we go out to the los angeles to get the latest from lease a ferguson. hi, lease a. >> hi, bill. good morning. good morning, everyone. we are keeping an eye on a couple of things going on out of washington today. president obama will call for a one-year extension of the bush-era tax cuts for people making less than $250,000 a year. today's statement will draw -- excuse me -- a hard line between the president and house republicans who plan to vote this month to extend all of those bush era tax cuts permanently for both middle and upper income families. on friday, president obama called out mitt rom
and then i was out pressing my advantage, using every tax loophole but because i know those better than anything, we are going to change the tax code because i should not be able to get a 15% marginal rate when most americans are at 28 or 33. by the way, even though, yes, i was investing in switzerland and parked money in the bahamas, we need to close those loopholes as well because folks like me shouldn't be able to take advantage of that stuff when most americans cannot. if mitt romney just came out and admitted it and said yeah, i did all of this stuff but because i did it, i am embarrassed about it. it's shameful we have been able to have the system corrupted for the last years and i am going to change it. if he came out that way, my republican friend says and i agree, he would get some credibility because he would be acknowledging the truth and he would say, we need to fix this. instead, he is trying to run away from it and it's not helping him. he is digging a hole deeper and deeper. by the way, speaking of digging a hole deeper, wait until on the other
. and good to have you with us to see as we take a look and tackle the big stories today coming here from our nation's capital, around the nation and around the globe. we will tell you all about it. how about this? it is now official. it is an official new government report out yesterday signed by hundreds of scientists affirms that the extreme weather conditions we are suffering today are due in part to global warming caused by man-made gas-house emissions. let's stop this denial nonsense and get busy doing something about global warming. what do you say in we will talk about that and a lot more this morning. first, we jump out to los angeles, get all of the latest today's current news update from the lisa ferguson. >> good morning, bill. good morning. everyone. house republicans will vote on repealing parts or all of president obama's healthcare reform. they have tried to repeal the act 32 times. looks like they are hoping the 33rd time is the charm likely not. there is basically no way it's going to pass the democratic senate. congressional republica
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3